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U.S. purchasing more gold jewelry, but the rest of the world doe

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The increased demand in the United States was of lower prices and increased consumer confidence and the fashion industry are increasingly fueled with gold, says Alistair Hewitt, group manager of market information. He adds that there are already five consecutive quarters of growth in the American gold jewelery demand, with four of them sees double-digit growth.

However, the global demand for gold jewelery declined by 30 percent and 16 percent compared to tons. The American and British markets were exceptions, the latter will see a 21 percent increase in demand. The group says, but should be considered in relation to the last year's record demand.

"2013 was an incredible moment for the gold industry," Hewitt said. "We saw the gold price falls, and we saw the people in the physical space respond to the lower price environment with an incredible level of enthusiasm .: There was a frenzy of buying some places that were particularly acute in the Asian markets."

So Hewitt believes that the fundamentals for gold prices and gold jewelry looks positive as a stable demand from investors and banks, limited supply and increasing demand in markets such as India.

The average gold price in the second quarter was $ 1288 one ounce, up 9 percent from last year.

A New Store From Hannoush, Pandora Deal makes with Disney

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In a statement, chief executive Allan Leighton said Pandora Northeast, where Hannoush is the largest franchisee is worse than the rest of the country is not growing by double digits. Pandora will be in stores later this year, then they will be upgraded to the new concept of its development.

27 concept stores generated $ 50 million in revenue last year, the company said. She plans to sell five of the stores located outside the Northeast for their partners out there, the name behind. After purchasing Hannoush, and the condition is sold in stores, Pandora will have a direct and active 27 concept stores in the United States, a total of 287 nationwide.

Hannoush could not be reached for comment.

The company also announced a "strategic alliance" with the new Walt Disney Company, and involves running a jewelry-themed Disney for 10 years. Initial deployment with string silver jewelry and gold charm with the Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse pictures.

Pandora is a company presence in theme parks in the United States.

Pandora also announced financial results for the second quarter. Sales of 2.54 billion kronor reached ($ 455 million), 31 percent from the previous year. Sales in the Americas rose 5 percent, but 11.7 percent in local currency. Sales in Europe rose 65 percent and sales in Asia Pacific increased 57 percent. Net income in the quarter was 662 million DKK (118 million USD).

It is also known as Peter Vekslund, currently Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer is to be chief financial officer, replacing Henrik Holmark 1 Januar 2015

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